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hair show

I've been wearing a lot of headbands and bows lately. They keep my hair out of my face, and they let me be a little more girly than usual. While I already have a pretty hefty collection, it's always fun to take a peek at some new ones.

Bows by American Apparel Striped Turban by Free People St…

spicy chicken quesadilla

When I was little the only after-school snack I ever requested from my mom was a quesadilla. I loved coming home and having crispy, cheesy goodness waiting for me. While I've expanded my diet since then, I still like to have a good ol' quesadilla every once in awhile. This recipe looks deli…

sunday spark

“There are times to stay put, and what you want will come to you, and there are times to go out into the world and find such a thing for yourself.”  -Lemony Snicket
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thoughts on relationships

I keep getting more and more emails asking for advice on relationships. I'm flattered, but I'm also no expert. Nonetheless, I thought I'd attempt my best impersonation of Carrie Bradshaw, and start posting more on the popular topic of love and relationships.

So here are my thoughts on …

keep going

I recently wrote a post on trusting that your great love will come along when the timing is right. Well, the same thing goes for creating the life you want...sort of. This takes work and dedication, but in the end you do have to trust that you'll eventually get where you want to be.

Those who …

friday funnies

I love this!


I can't walk out the door without putting a little spritz of perfume on. It brightens up my day and makes me smell a little sweeter. I've tried out a few over the years, but I always come back to the same three.

Armani Code citrusy. Parisienne is rosy and woodsy. Lola is florally. They'r…

what i'm lovin' wednesday

1. The Dark Knight Rises Boyfriend, his buds, and I saw this much-anticipated movie. It seemed a little long, but we loved it. Thumbs up!
2. Plane snacks I was all set with treats for my flights this past week. I had my magazines, Swedish fish, and some agua  to keep me happy while flying alone.
3. C…

east coast snapshots

I had an amazing couple days with Boyfriend over on the east coast. I barely slept on the redeye out to New York because I was way too excited. While bopping around the east coast (he's been on Warped Tour for what seems like forever), we hung out with his family, he did his thing on the drums,…

faceplant dreams

While strolling through Laguna last week we stopped in an amazing home goods store. I loved absolutely everything in the place, and wished I had the trunk (oh, and the money) to bring it all home with me.

I really liked these accent pillowcases by Faceplant Dreams. They come in pairs with the sweet…

caprese pasta salad

This recipe mixes two of my favorite dishes together: caprese salad and pasta. It's a perfect refreshing meal for this hot summer. I love the taste of balsamic vinegar and garlic. YUM! I think a dollop of pesto  could easily substitute for the balsamic when you want to change things up a bit.


sunday spark

“We love the things we love for what they are.” -Robert Frost [click on image for source]

hi-lo, hi-lo

I'm currently obsessed with the high-low skirt trend. It's all about the party in the front, business in the back now. Like a reverse mullet. You get the idea. They can be dressed up or dressed down, and that's something that is a must for me. Versatility is key. 

Take a look at these...

friday funnies

I have a new Insta-crush. Follow Ginny_Jrt on Instagram. So cute!

makeup must-haves

I love makeup. While I'm no "cake face," I still like to scour Sephora and Ulta for new items to try. Recently I found three must-haves for my every day. They go on quick and get me out the door. Just how I like it. Boyfriend always praises me on my timeliness in getting ready...until…

what i'm lovin' wednesday

1. Reuniting with my love After three weeks of being apart, I'm finally flying out to see Boyfriend on the east coast for a couple days. I just can't wait to see him, act silly, and smooch him of course!
2. Bracelets I found these pretty bracelets to layer on my wrist. I don't want to tak…