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what i'm lovin' wednesday

1. The Dark Knight Rises
Boyfriend, his buds, and I saw this much-anticipated movie. It seemed a little long, but we loved it. Thumbs up!

2. Plane snacks
I was all set with treats for my flights this past week. I had my magazines, Swedish fish, and some agua  to keep me happy while flying alone.

3. Conversations
Nothing is better than laying down, looking up at the dark sky, and talking for hours with someone you love about the silliest of things and the most serious of things.

[1st image via Xtragfx]


  1. Aww! Your #3 is so sweet! Hubby and I have "pillow talk" and it is literally my favorite time of every day! :) So sweet!

    <3 Sarah

    1. It's honestly the best. That's so sweet about you and your hubby <3 Aww.

  2. Swedish Fish are my favorite travel snack! Yum, yum! :)

  3. cool shots!! What band does your bf play in?


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