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sunday spark

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happy birthday, luke

Happy 2nd Birthday, Lukie Bear! May your terrible two's be good to the cutest little boy in the world. I love you so much.

friday funnies

tobi wish list

One of my lovely readers led me to TOBI. A big thank you to that reader! Low prices and sweet threads. I am a big fan, especially of their cardigans and jackets. I made up a new wish list...of course!

Lady Who Lunches Jacket Coco Studded Shorts Standout Cardigan Get Ahead Blouse Wild Woman Cardigan In Se…

what i'm lovin' wednesday

1. Vintage Life Co. My lovely friend, Dominique, sent me my custom tee that I had been been eagerly eye-balling. This girl has got talent. I've mentioned her here and you can buy her goodies here.
2. Breakfast in Bed While I love breakfast in bed, I love surprising Boyfriend with it even more. I…

crazy for kale

I've recently been turned onto kale. The green goodness is full of amazing benefits for your body. Just take a look above. You'd be crazy not to try it out. I have had a few yummy kale salads before, and now I've embarked on kale smoothies.  My lovely ladies at Tone It Up provided an e…


1. Hangin' in the house 2. Miniature golf 3. Making my preschoolers' portfolios 4. Boyfriend brought me home pistachio gelato on my cheat day 5. Banana and oatmeal pancakes 6. Always smiling 7. DIY daisy nails

sunday spark

"Comparison is the thief of joy."
-Theodore Roosevelt
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what defines us?

I don't believe in perfect. Not everything lines up in the exact, appropriate way that we wish it to. We can only accept the hiccups and the disorder. We don't have to understand it, we just have to accept it. When we do, we are that much closer to finding happiness.

For me, at this ripe a…

friday funnies

Boyfriend and I have been watching quite a few scary movies on our nights in, which is basically every night. No complaints here. We pick a movie, snuggle up on the couch, and he watches me with pure amusement as I suffer from panic attacks. These consist of flailing my arms around, unnecessary lo…

pad thai - clean style

I've been really getting into the whole "clean eating" lifestyle lately, but I'm still getting over my urges for certain dishes. Like Thai food, for instance. I love those spicy noodles, but haven't attempted to whip them up myself. I found a recipe on Eat Clean Diet that will…

what i'm lovin' wednesday

1. Charlie's 5th Birthday My little pup really enjoyed her special day. She ate up a yummy pup-pie, wore a pretty bow, and had her own burnin' candle. 2. Ray-Bans I'm obsessed with my new over-sized wayfarers. The small ones just don't suit my face, so these are the best bet!
3. The F…

asos wish list

Here's another wish list! ASOS is another one of my favorite online stores. I added a few things I would like for the cooler weather that's coming our way. It's always fun to browse, and the outfits they put together give me inspiration for my own closet. Floral Skull T-Shirt Leather Sca…

happy 5th birthday

My little pup is five years old today. I swear she's stayed the same size since I got her. She has the biggest heart, a whole lot of energy, and hundreds of kisses to give away. She definitely is my best friend.

Today she's going to be spoiled with lots of attention, a birthday "pup pi…

sunday spark

-Howard Thurman

frame wall

Boyfriend and I have been filling some walls in our new home with artwork and pictures. While a lot of the pieces consist of some cool twist on Star Wars (Boyfriend's doing), which I actually really appreciate, one of my favorite walls is our frame wall. We set it up in our living room with so…

friday funnies

These letters to this 8-year-old kid asking for dating advice are hilar.
Hey Lucas,
There's a girl I'm digging on and I'm not sure if she's married. While I think she's vaguely referenced a "hubby" and I've seen her with some guy, she's not wearing a ring. A…

cap'n crunch chicken

I've played chef all week. It's been fun cooking up a little storm in the kitchen. Last night I decided to try Cap'n Crunch Chicken. My family and I used to eat it at Planet Hollywood, and then my mom began making it at home. It was one of my favorites. So I decided to bring it to life…