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You've got a lot of heart, so why not shop at a place that has a lot of heart. You can find that at Hearts. Their products are exclusive, unique, and made from sustainable materials. What I love is their commitment to a better environment, while promoting artisans from all over the globe.

Thanks to the company, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to shop around on their dime and let you know my thoughts. My thoughts are good...real good. Which leads me to my first video blog.

You, my lovely readers, get to receive $25 off of your purchase by using the promo code: SHINEORSET 
(from now until 1/1/2013)

I hope you enjoy your experience as much as I did, and that you find some awesome goodies. I have no doubt that you will. Happy sustainable shopping!


  1. "But it's not! It's for my head!" Hahaha you are ADORABLE!

    Thanks for vlogging (?) about this company. Bringing artisans together, taking care of the world, I love shit like that!



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