vacay {LA & warped tour}

My vacation wrapped up, and now I am home to share it with you. I had such an amazing time and it feels like it was such a whirlwind now that I look back on it. It was full of family, friendship, and love. I feel very, very blessed to have the life I do.

Soooo...I flew to California to stay with my sister and Lukie Bear. We watched the Disney Channel, went out to eat, shopped at The Grove, and saw Monsters University. Lukie is getting so big, and sillier and sillier by the day. It was wonderful to spend time with my sister and him. I miss them very much!

After a few days, my dear friends picked me up from my sister's and we headed to Ventura for Warped Tour. There was an insane amount of traffic, but we made it. I was so happy to see Boyfriend waiting there for me. The day was full of good music, and reuniting with friends and family. Then the touring journey with boyfriend kicked off.

We traveled back to our home of Arizona for some days off before the next show on the tour. We celebrated Boyfriend's birthday, had a blast at the Warped Tour Bowling Tournament, went to the movies a bunch of times (Monsters University again and World War Z), and ate out with friends.

Next, we traveled to New Mexico for their next show. It was dusty and hot, but it was a good time. We traveled back to Arizona for their next show, and spent the day with our families. It was hot, but thank goodness for an air-conditioned bus. This is where Boyfriend and I said our sad goodbyes, and I headed home.

It's a fun lifestyle, and I love that Boyfriend shares it with me. Traveling on a bus and watching their shows every day still feels new to me, but I do enjoy it. Their fans are incredibly sweet! It's tough being apart, but it's great that we make it work by having me visit. He and his band work so hard at what they do, and the shows they put on are so enjoyable to watch. I feel a lot of pride watching him do what he loves day in and day out.

Here are some snapshots...



foodie fridays

While traveling with Boyfriend, I wanted to bring some of my own food so I didn't stray too far from my eating habits. While I did indulge a little, it was nice having healthy options to eat. Those rice packets are delicious, and the rice cakes with almond butter are a yummy treat. There are ways to stay on track, no matter the circumstance. My circumstance was living on a bus! I found all of this at Whole Foods.


hemp seed

There is a new seed in town, or at least my town. As a big fan of flaxseed and chia seed, this is a new favorite. It's got a great taste and loads of benefits. I've been putting them in my smoothies and on top of my oatmeal. Try it out!


what i'm lovin' wednesday

1. Berry protein
I was really craving a berry protein shake, so I went out to Whole Foods and found this one. It's pretty tasty, and healthy!

2. Wubba
Charlie loves her Wubba toy. She's always flinging it around and squeaking it. So cute!
3. Black beans
I can't get enough of these protein-packed beans. So delicious, especially with eggs.


auntie bink...again

My sister is having another baby. I couldn't be more excited for the newest addition to our family. I'm so happy and feeling so blessed to be an aunt again. Any guesses on what the gender will be? I have my gut feeling, but won't reveal it...


california dreamin'

I am currently on vacation in California. I flew into Los Angeles yesterday to spend some time with my sister and little Lukie Bear. We went to see Monsters University and are going to get in some shopping today. Tomorrow, I'm heading to Ventura to join Boyfriend on Warped Tour. I'm looking forward to our adventures! I will definitely have a blog post up when I get back from my trip in about a week.


foodie fridays

This is one yummy meal that I could eat at any time of day! Here is what you do...

Take an Ezekiel tortilla and sprinkle it with mozzarella cheese.
Turn the broiler on high.
Place tortilla on baking sheet and into broiler. Broil until crisp and the cheese is melted.
Cook black beans.
Cook an egg to your liking.
Slice up some tomato.
Mix together avocado and salsa for a sauce.
Remove tortilla.
Top with beans, egg, and avocado/salsa mixture.



bitch camp

The gals and I had been planning a camping trip, and finally went this past weekend. We dubbed the trip, "Bitch Camp." It was a blast! We brought a ton of food, beer, and funny games. We even got our tents up...after a few attempts. We went hiking to some waterfalls, cooked hot dogs and s'mores, and swapped some funny stories. I'm grateful to have such awesome ladies in my life.


what i'm lovin' wednesday

1. Black beans
I've been eating these protein-packed beans with everything. They taste great with eggs!
 2. Father's Day
I had a great time celebrating my dad's special day. We enjoyed a movie and a delicious dinner.
3. Mophie
I finally got a Mophie juice pack for an extra charge for my phone. It's great not having my battery run out! I think I'm on it too much. 


young married chic

I was very happy to wake up and find that I was featured on Young Married Chic. The lovely Kris was kind enough to reach out and become virtual friends with me. I will see you one day in New York, lovely!

Anywho, my interview (that was conducted with my friend, Jess) is up on her site. She's having "fitness week," so you guys should definitely go check it out. Other than the feature, she has so many other amazing posts that you would really enjoy. I know that I am hooked.


stop judging

I follow a lot of fitspo accounts (der) and on so many before/after photos I see this, "You looked better before." I've seen it on my own and countless others. Along with this, I see... 

"Too skinny!"
"Eat something." 

It seems as though everyone is a critic. It's sad to see that so many people are insecure in themselves that they feel the need to lash out at others whose backgrounds, body types, and lifestyles are unknown to them. People are so quick to judge and spew out these hateful comments from behind the shelter of their computers and phones. What they don't realize is that these comments can be damaging and defeating, especially to those who have worked hard to get where they are. I fully understand that we somewhat "ask for it" by putting our photos out into the world to see, but some opinions should just be kept quiet. We put these photos up to motivate and to inspire others; to say "It can be done." We shouldn't be fearful of what harsh words will be used against us next. We should be proud of our decision to change and the accomplishments that come with it, whether it's weight loss or gaining muscle.

The point to this long-winded rant is to think before you speak...or type out some nasty comment or tweet. Saying someone is anorexic is just as hurtful as calling someone fat. You don't know the person you're judging, so be kind. Try to find some other form of happiness because bringing others down shouldn't be a form of it.

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