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wedding planning [honeymoon]

When I got engaged back in December, I was ready to take on everything that had to do with wedding planning. Even though at that time the wedding was over a year away, I was too excited (and too OCD) to wait. I believe we got back from our cruise and saw our first venue within the next few days. It was one I always thought I would get married at, but the feeling wasn't there when we visited and the price kind of blew us out of the water. I was disappointed, but it just wasn't the right fit. We continued looking, later finding our venue the next week with our moms by our sides. It was a special moment, and I knew it was the place even as we were simply driving up to it.

To me, gut feelings are how you should decide on most everything, especially when it comes to your wedding. That little voice that whispers "this is it." You want you and your future hubby to be reflected in all aspects of that special day. It is in fact your day.

Matt definitely lets me take the reigns of planning, mostly because he's a guy. But also because he knows this is what most little girls dream of and I was one of those girls, and also because we mesh well together. What I like, he likes, and vice versa. Most of the time.

I was gun-ho for our venue right away. It took him two-and-a-half hours to warm up to it, just because he likes to see all the options...and prices. I get it in the logistics of things, but I wasn't giving up on the "heart wants what it wants" thing. We saw one other venue that day, and the feeling was dead there...for both of us, including our moms. Nothing we saw really compared. Granted we had only seen three prior to making our final decision. We booked the venue the same day we saw it.

It's honestly perfect.
Outdoors with a Tuscan feel and just a magical feeling. That's the most important part. I can see our friends and family there, and I can see Matt at the end of the aisle, and I can see our first dance.

With a love for Italy, the Tuscan style really sold us both, and that swayed us into looking into Italy for our honeymoon. We've both been before, but never truly experienced it. I was in high school when I went, and while I did a lot, I was a teenager with no appreciation. He's been on tour, but all he sees is the inside of a bus and a venue.

We contemplated a beach honeymoon for a millisecond, but with a fear of sharks and a love for adventures (and wine), we decided on Italy. My mom is an excellent trip planner, and laid it all out for us. How many days here, where to stay, what to do. She's been a real lifesaver.

I'm happy to say that we booked our flights to Italy. We will be spending two weeks there as newlyweds. Starting in Rome, traveling to Positano, traveling to Florence, and ending in Venice. Our last day in Venice is actually my birthday. SCORE!

I feel incredibly fortunate to have this chance to marry a wonderful person, enjoy a beautiful ceremony and reception as I had always dreamed of, and travel across the world to one of the most magical places. I don't take any of it for granted. We have the love and support of our families and friends, which I can't be thankful enough for.

We also have the work ethic and the "responsible" way of thinking that has allowed us to make this all possible. No, we don't take a lot of trips or go on a lot of dates, but we have a whole lot to look forward to because of it. It's not easy (as you read here), but it will be so worth it.

Always keep the bigger picture in mind. Always.

Our flight confirmations!


  1. You guys are perfect. I wish you all the best :) <3

  2. Best of luck for your future and have fun.

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