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We Are Having Another Baby!

I am so beyond happy to be writing this post announcing that we are having another baby! We are so over the moon. If you want to see the video of us finding out, click here.

Matt and I felt pretty confident that we were ready for another baby, but we were trying to nail down the timing with his ne…

I Make Money Teaching English to Children in China - VIPKid

I always get a ton of questions about my job teaching English to children in China, so I thought I would answer them today. I have been with VIPKid for the past two years and it's been very fulfilling for me to contribute financially as a stay-at-home mom. I'll be signing my next contract …

Hello Again


It's been, what? Over four years since I last wrote here. I'm not going to lie, I feel sad that I let this outlet go because my life has changed so much and it would have been nice to write about it along the way. But here we are.

I've felt like something was missing from my life …
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