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Hello Again


It's been, what? Over four years since I last wrote here. I'm not going to lie, I feel sad that I let this outlet go because my life has changed so much and it would have been nice to write about it along the way. But here we are.

I've felt like something was missing from my life for the past year. I realize writing was that thing. It's always been therapy for me - whether it was on a blog or journaling or writing letters that I never planned on sending. This was long before "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" - which I've watched seven times. Crap. Now I want to watch it again.

Focus, Brianna.

I threw myself into YouTube over the past few years, which I loved - and still do. The fact that people look forward to my Monday videos is probably the coolest, most validating thing ever. The creative process of filming and editing is my favorite, along with responding to comments. If you don't know, interacting with my subscribers has been taken away as of late while YouTube cracks down on "family" channels for safety reasons. I get it, but I think there should be a different approach on their end. That's a whole other thing.

Maybe that's a tiny part of the reason why I'm here now, typing on my computer like the old days. I'm happy I'm here. It felt nostalgic to hop on Blogger and click "New Post." I'm honestly writing this on a whim - as a re-introduction to me and this space. It feels right.

I won't bore you with every little detail of my life the past couple years. I'll keep it concise.

I'm married.
I'm in a new home (well, as of 2016).
I'm a mom.
I work from home doing a variety of things while I care for my son.

I feel like that sums up the major life changes. Looking at that little list - a lot has changed, but I also don't want these roles to completely define me. I'm more than a wife. I'm more than a mom. I'm more than a working homemaker. I'm me.

Writing is a part of me, which is why I'm back here.

I look forward to hosting this cozy space for past readers (if you're still here) and new readers. Cheers!


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