meet me

I'm Brianna. A lifestyle blogger living in Phoenix, Arizona.

For as long as I can remember I have been in love with writing. Growing up, I constantly had a pen and paper in hand or I was devouring books. It's this passion that led me to pursue creative writing in college. While life (aka, the job market) has taken me other places, I created this blog to have a place where I can come to remind myself of the love I have for the written word...and share that love with you. 

There are too many amazing ventures in this world of ours that it would be a shame not to explore them. Among those ventures, there were two I fell madly in love with: health and fitness. I've gained weight and lost weight (a total of 40 lbs), but the whole journey has led me to life experiences I wouldn't trade for the world. I now want to be able to help others feel happy in their skin, which is why I am currently studying to become a certified personal trainer.

Thankfully, I have a loving support system that is made up of my fiancé, family, friends, and two adorable pups. Life is a wonderful, wonderful gift and I am just so happy to be living it.


  1. Nice to read your optimisim. I happen to share your belief, and my name is Set :)

  2. The painting of a map that is featured at the top of 2/12 Sunday Spark is absolutely gorgeous! Where did you get it? I would love to purchase it if I could find it.

  3. Love your blog and I think your weightloss story is amazing!

  4. I know Matt is very proud of you! He's almost coming home. Bet you're REALLY excited about that!

  5. I've read nearly every blog you've written, and they've helped me so much, thank you<3


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