shine or set

I wanted to create this cozy place of thoughts, ideas, creations. I hope each visit brings a smile to that face of yours, whether it be through words, photos, art, food, music, fashion; the channels are endless and aimed to emulate only the positive. Why send anything else into the world? I figure the world has enough bad stuff, so I want to brighten it up a bit.

If you're not shining then you may as well set.


  1. you are amazing!

  2. Incrediable before and after shot. Keep up the great work! how long did it take you to lose weight and what program/nutrition did you follow?

  3. Love your before and after picture. I'm overwhelmed by what I should do to loose weight. I just had a baby and would love to know what program you followed. I know tons about nutrition and exercise however I don't have all the time in the world to cook so I hope to make some of your recipes when I can. Also per the comment above... I would like to know the same and the time it took you to reach your goals. Again I'm overwhelmed and want to start P90x and other programs but eating is my main downfall especially when I workout with weights because I tend to get hungrier. Thanks in advance for your help! Great Job and Great motivation to us all!!

  4. I just came across this site and love it! Your style of writing is engaging and fun! :)

  5. B,

    Thank you so much for sharing all of this on your blog. You are so motivational and inspiring to me! It's nice to hear all this from a realistic point of view! And you look amazing! Thanks!



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